Who am I?

I am a 36 year old web developer based in Leeds, UK with almost 23 years of experience in website design, development & maintenance.

I like to innovate, keep on top of the latest trends whilst learning new skills. I strive to create clean, expandable, unbloated, high quality code in all languages - be it within set guidelines, customised or built from scratch. Skills include:

  • PHP Development
  • (x)HTML / HTML5 (W3C)
  • CSS2.1 / CSS3
  • JavaScript / JQuery
  • MySQL
  • Adobe CS6
  • RWD for iPad, iPhone, etc
  • WordPress (Themes, Plugins, etc)
  • Many more (please ask for details)

I run my own web development company, Digific Ltd, and have over 13 years of commercial experience in the telecommunications, retail/e-commerce, entertainment & Digital Agency industry sectors.

Feel free to request a copy of my CV & contact me if you think I would be suitable for any freelance or contract work you may have in future.